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Wednesday, 12 April 2017
Written by Nicola Reid

Your Plan, Your Vote - Bookham Vanguard campaign for a YES vote for the NDP

Your Plan, Your Vote - Bookham Vanguard campaign for a YES vote for the NDP




Bookham Vanguard says that Voting YES for the planning policies in the NDP will benefit Bookham.


·       Smaller homes, that the community has expressed a preference for, are more likely to be built in the central area of the village

·        High Street retail outlets will have more protection from change of use, safeguarding the future of our High Street and retail areas

·        Verges and trees will be better protected

·        More emphasis will be placed on infrastructure issues that should be taken into account when development takes place

·       New development will have to supply more space for off-street parking

·        Halls and community facilities will be protected

·        Financial around £65,000 per annum could accrue from developer contributions to improve Bookham

 After much input from Bookham residents via both formal and informal consultations and four years of work by your volunteer Neighbourhood Forum, the proposed Neighbourhood Development Plan has been agreed by MVDC. MVDC went through a formal public consultation and  Bookham’s Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) was tested by an Independent Examiner.  He said:  “The Plan reads well, looks well and has a very clear and sharp focus on the style, size and type of housing required in Bookham, protecting the retail centre and the design and quality of build Bookham aspires to.”

Having passed inspection, the NDP is  now going forward to public referendum. This was agreed at the MVDC Council meeting on 6th December 2016 and we are now in the final referendum phase of the NDP. The planning policies that you and MVDC have approved and will help guide development, according to your wishes, in Bookham up to 2026.   They can only be used by MVDC if you vote for the plan on  4th May.

Bookham Vanguard say Vote Yes for the Bookham Neighbourhood Development Plan on 4th May 2017, the same day as the County Council Elections. More details about the policies are contained in a newsletter that will be delivered to every household in Bookham in the next two weeks.  Please look out for it coming through your letterbox.


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